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Second 2014 Open Water date published
First 2014 Open Water date published
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Formed in 1891 as the "Swimmers Life Saving Society", then changing it's name to "Life Saving Society" shortly afterwards, and granted Royal Charter in 1924 by King George V, the Royal Life Saving Society UK is Great Britain's leading drowning prevention and water safety organisation.
The Society in the United Kingdom is represented by 52 Branches, with the Hertfordshire Branch being formed in 1963.
lifesavers in hertfordshire is the Royal Life Saving Society, Hertfordshire Branch.
This web site has been split into distinct areas so that visitors can quickly target the specific information that they require, whilst visitors who just want to see what lifesavers in hertfordshire is about can easily browse the various pages. Use the side menu items to get to the specific information that you require.
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